Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

The clone

I just remember I made this composition last term xD

The clone

In this world , there is another dimension besides our dimension . Creatures living there are very different from our own . The creatures who live there are like fairies . We cannot see them because they are invisible and they have wings . Everyone must think that fairies are like fairies in fairytales for children , but actually they are really different from what we think .

The king of the fairies had a bad idea . He wanted to make dangerous experiments . He wanted to clone one of his fairies . He invited every intelligent scientist to carry out his experiments and fairy was chosen to be the victim . They used very high technology and experimented the brains of fairies .

The king and the scientists never thought that they would make a huge mistake . The clone was really different ,
she did not have wings and she was not invisible . The scientists was really scared to claim her as a human as humans cannot live in the fairy dimension. Every fairies who fall in love with human must be killed . The king and every scientist kept quiet about this experiment , and kept the clone in the deepest fairy prison .

Several years later , the prince of the fairies who had always heard the sounds of a girl crying . In the middle of the night , he followed the sounds .
He ended up in the deepest prison . He opened the door and he saw a human with black long hair . She wore a white dirty dress with sorrow in her eyes . The prince fell in love with the clone at the first sight . He knew that she was different from others .

Every night , the prince went to the prison to visit the clone to bring her food and talk to her . The first time the clone saw the prince , she always smile but she also showed her sorrowful eyes .

One day , the prince brought the clone around the city . No one could see them because it was in the night and they went to the lake . The lake was illuminated by the full moonlight . They promise to meet in the next life .

The following day , the prince was really shocked when the king brought the clone . He wanted to kill the clone because he knew that the prince had met the clone every night . The king gave the prince two choices , to kill the clone or sent it to the evil dimension . The prince thought that the clone will suffer more if the king sent her to evil dimension . Without any choice , the prince killed the clone with his own hand . The last thing he saw was her sorrowful eyes , after he killed the clone , he killed himself .

The end

Selasa, 05 April 2011

5 april'11

Sorry for not writing blog for long time ==a
Today I really hate her so much ! You know right I want to dyed my hair to red ? I'm already telling her about that when first I met her ( the girl in the school ) . During the break this afternoon I , two girls and the girl I hate bought something to eat . And we saw a man with red hair , I said to my friend want dyed my hair like that and then suddenly the girl I hate come near us and said to me . " What a disgusting hair colour ! " . I was very shocked , I could not said anything even my other friend shocked too . I hate her ! I hate her ! I hate her !
And then , in the class .
I , the girl I hate and the boy I like sit together in one long table , she is in the middle . In the entire lesson she like ignoring me and only talk to that boy , what the hell ? Fuck you ( to that girl ) !
Even in the way go home , she and the Malay girl walk together . They talk about one of my classmate , and do you know what did she said ?
" Go home first la , I will tell you tomorrow "
I feel burning

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


Parents are our first and most important teachers. Describe a time when you learnt a valuable lesson from one of your parents.

Senin, 21 Februari 2011

The answer of question on above ^^

I think I dont really understand why giving better than receiving :D , but we can learn what we have with giving it to another person . Without knowing that person by myself or dont know they will thankful for us or not
We're also challenge to not count what we give to others , because all calculations relating to the granting of vulnerable ruin our good intentions :D

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Better to give than to recieve

Hey Nadya,

I apologise for the late reply. I've got additional homework for you! please write a short essay regarding your sentimenents on the following statement...

There is an old saying; "It is better to give than receive." What do you think this saying means? Is it true? Write an essay sharing your feelings about this quote

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

5 things that stress me out the most.


No, don't worry, you're not the first thing that quantifies for my rising stress levels these days. I just thought that I would place a shot that I snapped of you from ReStore that time during coffee. haha.

Back to the main topic, the 5 things that stress me out the most are...

1) Having conflicting views from my loved ones including my own regarding certain issues. I just don't know who to listen to, my heart or their opinions.

2) Misplacing my stuff (which happens quite often) and not being able to find them when in need.

3) Experiencing 'ugly' days where I just feel as though I look like a monster and everyone is staring at me, gawking at my hideousness.

4) Not doing as well as I expect. (these days I've learnt to lower my expectations to deal with this crisis)

5) Planning for occasions. Honestly I do enjoy the experience but with so much pressure on my shoulders, it can get jarring at times.

Senin, 14 Februari 2011

What are the 5 things thar stress you out ? Why ?

1 . Ignore by someone ==" , who is the person who wanna ignore by someone right ? sucks =="
2 . When I don't do anything or the other word is bored haha ,
3 . When I ran out of money , like yesterday :P . I'm really confused :D
4 . When I don't understand the subject :D , I will left it out in table xP
5 . When my weight increased and my skin turned black , " I hate this the most ! "
And one again :D ( bonus xP )
6 . When My hair looks messy or not look good and my hair looks boing-boing xP